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Submission Applications for the 2019 CAFTCAD Awards are now closed. Thank you for over 80 submissions!

The Award Categories for 2019 CAFTCAD Awards

Eligibility and Criteria for the 2019 CAFTCAD Awards

Submissions must include:

• A link of submitted program made available for Jury viewing (provide password if protected) between October 1, 2018 to November 20th, 2018. You must add the link during checkout.

• A link of submitted program must be made available for CAFTCAD Members voting viewers (provide password if protected) between January 8, 2019 and February 1st, 2019.

• A synopsis (110 words max) of the program for which entrant is being submitted for.

• A biography (175 words max) 

• Head shot photograph (minimum 72 dpi in JPEG format) of entrant.

• Designer’s vision statement (200 words). This statement can refer to inspiration, research, and resources used.

• Credits of entire costume department crew. 

In case of Excellence in Costume Design for Low-Budget film:

• A signed letter from producer and/or film accountant attesting to final budget spent by the costume department. Copy of actual/final costume budget may be requested. Email to submissions@thecaftcadawards.com. Please include LOW-BUDGET FILM SUBMISSION  in subject heading.

In case of Excellence in Craft Categories

• Photographs of work from project submitted. Provide website link or email JPEGs to submissions@thecaftcadwards.com. Please include CRAFT AWARD SUBMISSION in subject heading.

Pictures should be at least 640×480 resolution, either vertically or horizontally oriented, or scanned at 300 DPI resolution. 

Please also include the name of the Costume Designer along with the submitted images.

In Case of Industry Icon Award

• A biography (500 words) and head shot photograph (minimum 72 dpi in JPEG format) of entrant.

• Resume and/or online link to provide scope of career achievements.

Both to be emailed to submissions@thecaftcadawards.com. Please include INDUSTRY ICON AWARD SUBMISSION in subject heading.

PLEASE NOTE: As a CAFTCAD Member, you receive ONE free ticket to the gala event if nominated. CAFTCAD Members also are eligible to vote on the nominees. Refunds will not be given if applicant decides to become a CAFTCAD member after application is submitted.

Questions? Please email us at submissions@thecaftcadawards.com